Terry's Tavern Donates to a Great Cause

Terry’s Tavern Donates to a Great Cause

by Dana Zimmer on December 19, 2014 at 7:15 am

The Salvation Army received a generous donation today.

This morning, Terry’s Tavern on Linden Avenue presented a check for $1,000 to The Salvation Army. Co-owner Tim Arnold says they’ve been collecting donations for about six months now and this is the third year they’ve been able to make a donation.

"We have football pools where we’ll take different, usually Ohio State games, we’ll take a pool and so much of each pool goes to The Salvation Army’s coats for kids program so, knowing that up front. The rest of the money’s distributed to whoever wins the pool, but it’s really base on giving back to the community."

Another Co-owner of the tavern, Mike Mohr, says this is a great way to make a simple donation.

"This is really a good cause and anybody that would like to donate to the salvation army, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. I think they gave away 600 coats last year to deserving people. So, it’s really a good cause, if they really want to get into it, they’d really appreciate it."

The Salvation Army plans to use the donation for their "Coats for Kids" event after the holiday season.