CORAS Discusses Leadership of Educational Administration

by Dana Zimmer on January 14, 2015 at 9:16 am

The Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools met at the Ohio University Zanesville this morning.

CORAS is an organization of over 135 members drawn from school districts in the 32-county region of Ohio designated as Appalachia and other counties. The highlights of today’s meeting discussed the importance of leadership in education administration and the recognition of leadership of school principals for their outstanding service to education. Superintendent of the Muskingum Valley Educational Center, David Branch, says high school principals are important to every school.

“Our high school principals play a vital part in the education of boys and girls and we have asked superintendents to nominate high school principals for receiving this recognition and they will receive a certificate of appreciation on behalf of the coalition of rural and Appalachian schools for the services that they provide to boys and girls.”

President of CORAS John Saxton, says they’ve also been able to discuss the challenges they’ve noticed with transportation and the costs associated with it.

“It’s been an ongoing effort, but today we’ll hit it again. Today we just received a legislative update from the buckeye association of school administrators. Again, it’s an opportunity for our group of superintendents to network with other superintendents and talk about some of the challenges that they have and how they’re addressing them.”

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