Pinewood Derby Race Pack 121

by Kaitlin Busch on January 18, 2015 at 6:39 am

One of the most iconic Cub Scout events is the annual Pinewood Derby Race.

Each year Cub Scouts and their parents work together in hopes of building the fastest car for their pack’s race. Well, Sunday Cub Scout Pack 121 put their cars to the test during the 43rd Annual Pinewood Derby Race.

“It’s probably the highlight of the year for our Cub Scouts,” said Charter Organizer Representative for Pack 121, Dan Riley. “They spend a lot of time and effort building their cars every year, and we really have a good time racing them every year. It’s a real good time and they always look forward to it.”

In an effort to keep the race as fair as possible a computerized system was used to determine the final time of the cars. Each boy also had the opportunity to race 3 times to ensure the most accurate time. However, for one Cub Scout, the derby was about more than the final results.

“I don’t know how i’m going to do, i just want to have fun today,” said pack 121 member, Jonathan Toland. “I’m most looking forward to just the racing part, yeah and having fun.”

The fastest cars from Sunday’s Pinewood Derby will move on to the next round of competition where they will compete against other packs in Muskingum County for race car glory.