Snow Days and A Snow Bear

by Katie Donovan on January 26, 2015 at 8:40 am

Some people enjoy building snowmen when the weather makes a turn for the worse, but not the Winland Family!

We made a visit to their home Tuesday afternoon to check out their life sized snow bear. It features its own honey pot and is even colored appropriately. We spoke to Matt Winland, who explained the inspiration behind the creation.

“The idea started a few years ago. We were back visiting some family in kansas and we ended up getting a foot and a half of snow. So it started with a large snowman and it fell apart and it just gradually turned into a snow bear.”

The brown color comes from a mixture of water, hot chocolate and coffee. We spoke to Matt’s son, Lucas Winland who told us about the building process.

“It was very long and very difficult to get all the snow from in between the cars on the street and the sidewalk a little bit and we put all the snow into trash cans and packed it down real tight and then dumped it out and that’s how we mostly got all the snow to put it together.”

Lucas says he would rather be outside building and creating than being inside on the couch letting his snow day slip away.