Snow Storm Preparation

by Kaitlin Busch on January 31, 2015 at 11:49 am

Riesbeck’s grocery store was packed with shoppers Saturday as everyone prepared for incoming winter weather.

During bad snow storms it’s always a good idea to stay inside. So, what exactly should you buy early to stay prepared?

Non-perishable canned goods are always a smart choice. Not only are easy to grab, but they don’t require refrigeration making them easy to stock.

During bad weather there is always the possibility of electrical outages. For times like these it’s important to stalk up on foods like peanut butter, granola, powdered or canned milk, and high calorie protein bars. If your electric is out for an extended period of time you’ll still be taking in enough calories to keep up your energy

However, there are other important factors to staying safe in winter weather. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency planning is key.

“During severe weather conditions hazards change, during sever weather seasons we talk about tornado’s, but in the winter we talk about blizzards snow storms, ice storms, and a lot of weather hazards, the best way you can get ready now is to make sure you have a family plan,” said FEMA Administrator, Craig Fugate.

The FEMA says that plan should focus on communication, and part of that is knowing where your family members are at all times during bad weather.