Carving up an Old Tree for a New Purpose

by Bill Hughes on February 11, 2015 at 6:49 am

In October, Arbor Works took a massive, century old tree down from the Shultz mansion.

After months of it sitting in the lot Robert McGrail decided he’d use the giant pin oak to commemorate Ohio State’s latest national title. He’s doing this by creating some art. He describes the thought behind starting this project.

“109 years old and you see it’s 7 foot cross at the base, why cut it into fire wood? So I thought since we won the championship, we’d go ahead and turn it into a big old buckeye, McGrail said.”

McGrail has a variety of sizes of chainsaws he’s using to complete the O. At the start of the project, the stump weighed in at nearly 11,000 pounds, and after completion he is expecting it to be around 2,000 pounds. He said the work is more fun than anything.

“I’ve been running one ten hours a day for 33 years,” McGrail said. “This is nothing. It’s fun, I enjoy it. It’s a good workout, so I don’t have to go to the gym.”

McGrail expects to have the piece done this week and is putting it up for sale on eBay after it gets coated in scarlet and gray.