MIss Ohio 2014 in Zanesville this week

by Bill Hughes on February 23, 2015 at 9:43 am

Miss Ohio is spending the next few days in Zanesville to address some of the issues she feels are important.

Mackenzie Bart believes that science, technology, engineering and math are the cornerstones of education and can help improve people’s lives. She said being in Joplin, Missouri shortly after the 2011 tornado really showed her how the four subjects affect everyday life.

“That’s when I really realized the power of the science, the technology, the engineering, math and how not only it can help up through medicine, it can help us in life, as we’re adults we really need those four subjects,” Bart said. “That’s when I started going out in schools and meeting with these little boys and girls and telling them throughout those four subjects throughout working hard they can really grow up and do whatever they want to do.”

She’s had a passion for the STEM subjects since early in her life, and she added it is really something that started her love for studying weather. She said that while she’s in Zanesville, she wants to talk to as many people as possible.

“Come and meet me, I’m very approachable, I’m an Ohio State student, so we can talk about the Buckeyes all day long, but I’d love to talk to you more about the Miss Ohio Scholarship program and getting involved in that.”

Some of her plans while in town include going to tour the new Zane State Technology Center and is also meeting with students at Foxfire Elementary.