Super Bowl Party At Lucky’s

by Kaitlin Busch on February 1, 2015 at 7:35 am

Millions of people across the country tuned in for Super Bowl XLIX Sunday.

Locally, people headed to Lucky’s Bar to watch the game and soak up the atmosphere.

“It has been a blast, it has been amazing, I’m so thankful everyone came in out of the weather that we’ve got everyone to come in. The roads aren’t that bad, the weather’s good, we’re just enjoying good food and good company,” said Lucky’s Bar co-owner, Cara Dodson.

In honor of the big game Lucky’s offered food and drink specials. The bar also gave away prizes throughout the day to several “lucky” attendees. In true Super Bowl fashion food and drinks flowed throughout the day but for some the best part of the day was the company.

“Well normally I stay home for the Super Bowl, but today it’s because of these guys and they’re such good friends we wanted to come out and support them. Usually I’m at home on a Sunday but today I’m like nope, we’re going out so we’re having fun. I brought my Dad he’s almost 80 and he’s just having a good time so it’s fun,” said customer, Marsha Hutchinson.

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