Rainbow Trout Flood Ohio’s Lakes

by Bill Hughes on March 23, 2015 at 12:03 pm

With a quick crank 750 rainbow trout were released into Cutler Lake, at Blue Rock State Park Friday.

The release brings many different kinds of anglers to the lake. We spoke with first time trout fisherman, Kenny Bauer.

He said, “this is my first day. I’ve never been trout fishing before.” Bauer’s friends invited him to the annual release because they enjoy trout fishing and wanted to spread the joy to him.

“I love trout fishing. It’s one of my favorite ones to get.” Said Gerald Sprague. He explained why it’s a favorite of his. “It’s different than any of the other croppie or bluegill. You sit here and look at a bobber all day long and wait, this is more action.”

Another fisherman at the trout release, Bruce Reavley, said it’s the thrill of getting a fish to tail dance across the water that keeps him trout fishing.

Rainbow trout are a cold water fish, and they do not spawn naturally in Ohio Waters. Thus, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife stocks 63 lakes with 98,000 rainbow trout. Since 1999 Cutler Lake has been one of the lakes to receive a shipment of trout from one of the several fish hatcheries operated by the Division of Wildlife.

Wildlife Communications Specialist, Lindsay Rist, said fishing for the trout is a yearly event for some.

“Some people do view it as a tradition. They always come out on stocking day, or throughout the weekend following,” said Rist.

Even though catching one of the many trout in the lake could be a flick of the wrist away, the annual release still has a price tag.

“A lot of the money for this comes from the Sport Fish Restoration Act,” explained Rist. “So, there’s an excise tax on fishing equipment and on boat fuel and stuff.” In other words, “it’s a user pay, user benefit system,” said Rist.

The trout were released at 10:30 a.m. Friday. A couple of the fishermen we spoke too have been to other trout releases this year. The next release is scheduled for Monroe Lake south of Barnesville on March 25. To see a full list of the release dates you can visit  http://wildlife.ohiodnr.gov/fishing/trout-stocking-dates.