Wayne Manufacturing Relocates

by Kaitlin Busch on March 6, 2015 at 6:54 am

Wayne Manufacturing has produced the highest quality steel fabrication in Central Ohio for over 30 years.

Now, they are taking their business to the next level as they open their doors to a new facility. Previously located in Duncan Falls, Wayne Manufacturing has relocated to a new 20,000 sqft facility in Zanesville.

“It’s a steel fabrication facility, we do mainly fabricated structural steel for commercial building markets so building frames, heavier construction, but we also do miscellaneous, we do stairs, railings, and really anything in the way of fabrication. This is a major upgrade in many many ways. Room for expansion which we are going to do, we hopefully will expand fairly soon that was just a poor place to operate out of, this place is a major upgrade,” said President of Wayne Manufacturing, Michael Higgins.

The new facility affords the business the ability to not only potentially expand in square footage, but also to hire more skilled fabricators. Higgins may not know exactly how many jobs will become available but is willing to keep an open mind as long as the applicant is the right fit.

“We have the room, this is a fairly large location so we do have room to expand, I would say short term a few more would be good, but as I say it’s kinda unlimited.”

The new facility is located at 1555 Ritchey Parkway in the airport industrial park, and if you are interested in a job at Wayne Manufacturing you can speak with Michael Higgins by calling (740) 453-3454.