Nichole Hannahs

Acting Foolish on the Roof

by Nichole Hannahs on April 1, 2015 at 6:41 am

Being on top of a roof in thirty degree temperatures might seem foolish.

But those on top of American Pride Wednesday morning were there for a good cause. These “fools” were raising money for the Relay for Life Campaign through the “Fools on a Roof” fundraiser.

Each person was placed on the roof by the Zanesville Fire Department, and they were stuck there until they reached their monetary goal.

Brooke Carpenter spent the morning raising funds. Her team is called “Together for Life.” She’s been involved in Relay for Life since she was young, having lost family and a close friend to the disease.

“It’s uplifting. It’s knowing that we’re able to help somebody else and we have the power to do it with a phone call,” said Carpenter.

Her goal was to raise $2,500 but organizers said they hope to raise around $10,000 Thursday to go toward their overall goal of $58,000.

Some of the money raised comes back to the area to be used on programs and services. The majority goes toward research.

“We primarily fund research and we do so because if we find a cure then everything else be unnecessary. Programs, services as vital as they are now, if we find a cure we won’t need programs and services. Cancer will no longer be a health issue,” said Community Manager for Relay for Life Jonathan Schuler.

Relay for Life in Zanesville will take place on Saturday, June 13 at Riverside Park. A survivor’s breakfast is planned for that morning, and the walk will take place from 11am-11pm. There’s still time for you to raise money or create a team. Just click on the website link to the left of this story.