OSU Alumni Club Hosts 16th Annual Scholarship Auction

by Josh Overholser on April 16, 2015 at 11:47 am

The OSU Alumni Club of Muskingum County held its 16th annual scholarship auction Thursday evening, and they even had a buckeye legend stop by for the good cause.

Matt Finkes, former Ohio State All-American defensive lineman and NFL linebacker, was the guest speaker. From inspirational words to old stories about the glory days, Finkes was happy to help out.

“Anytime you come from Ohio State you’re talking about building that community even further,” Finkes said. “And you talk about the half million alumni that are out there — that’s one of the great things about this university and the alumni base is giving is such an important thing to them. Whether it’s the campaign or the med center or cancer research, whether its the athletics or whether its scholarship based programming, one thing Ohio State alumni understand is giving.”

The alumni club gives over $7000 in scholarships every year, and without auction events like this, it would not be possible.

“We just want to say thank you to all the community businesses and organizations and the university,” said Muskingum County Alumni Club President Terry Kopchak. “Everybody has been helping us out and giving generously so that we can raise some money for our local students this year.”

For more info about the scholarship auction or any activities of the club, you’re encouraged to visit their website at osuacmc.org.