Senator Brown Standing By American Workers and Businesses

by Katie Donovan on April 1, 2015 at 6:39 am

United States Senator Sherrod Brown made a stop at International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Wednesday afternoon.

Brown says the Obama Administration is working to finalize negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Congress is also preparing to debate “fast track” authority for a NAFTA-style trade agreement. Senator Brown is standing by American workers and businesses.

“First of all we have no business passing in other trade agreement that ships jobs overseas. These are too often corporate handouts and sellouts to middle class and to working families in this state. I want to see better trade enforcement, level the playing field, because when we make these trade deals, typically china cheats, and other countries cheat and it costs us jobs in Zanesville and Malta and McConnlesville and all over this region.”

Brown is demanding a trade policy that puts American jobs first. Brown also told us the preservation of American jobs and businesses is incredibly important to the Southeast Ohio region.

“We know what happens to families when somebody loses a job, particularly if a husband and wife both work at the same factory and the plant shuts down and their whole family income is wiped out. This has happened too many times in small communities. I come from a town, Mansfield and its bigger than Zanesville but not a particularly big town. I’ve seen that far too many times to far too many families.”

If you feel that you have been affected by unfair trade, you can visit Senator Brown’s website and share your story: