Genesis Hospital Holds Early Dedication

by Katie Donovan on May 25, 2015 at 8:42 am

An early dedication for the new Genesis Hospital was held early Monday morning.

The hospital has been in construction for a little over two years now. President and CEO of Genesis Hospital, Matthew Perry explained more about the new structure.

“Really the entire place was designed around a very intimate relationship with our patients” he said, “It enables our staff to be able to care for our patients in a very very different way than we’ve historically been able to do. We have also been able to pull the best design features out of all of the best designed hospitals all across the country and brought them right here to Zanesville.”

Between construction and furnishing the hospital, Genesis Spent around $218 million. Perry said the consolidation will lower healthcare costs. He describes the efforts that went in to making the new facility a reality.

“What it took to build this place was truly a herculean effort. You know it really started with the support of the community. Being able to raise over $16 million from our community was a huge part of this. We had to be able to finance this through the capital markets. Be able to work in partnership with our board and our physicians and our hospital staff.”

Genesis will have a community open house on June 20th and patients will officially move from Good Samaritan on June 27th.