John Mcintire Elementary Listens to ‘Boss’ Tunes

by Kandee Ferrell on May 29, 2015 at 7:30 am

‘The Boss’ couldn’t make it for Bruce Springsteen Day at John Mcintire Elementary.

But two cover bands did perform for the school to celebrate their last day of the academic year. Principal Kacey Cottrill said that he brought in the bands to spread awareness about art programs in schools.

“The kids don’t necessarily know who Bruce Springsteen is but I wanted to bring the music in,” said Cottrill. “We’re trying to build up the arts program and talk about how important music is and it’s a last day celebration so we’re really excited just to have this on the last day.”

Cottrill is a huge fan of Springsteen and he explained how he came up with the idea to bring the classic hits to the school.

“It was actually a snow day,” said Cottrill. “I was searching them on the internet while I was in my office and I thought ‘boy that’d be fun for the end of the year so really a snow day caused all this ruckus,” said Cottrill.

The cover bands took to the cafetorium and playground to entertain the students. The kids went crazy for ‘the Boss’ impersonators and really enjoyed their last day of school.