Moonshine Festival Returns

by Kandee Ferrell on May 25, 2015 at 9:19 am

The 45th annual Moonshine Festival continued May 24.

Food, rides and live entertainment took to the streets of New Straitsville today. Families gathered for a cruise-in, gospel music, and classic festival delicacy. They call it The Moonshine Festival but Committee Member Rita Spicer said it’s not about the drink, but what it represents.

"Well were not celebrating moonshine, we’re celebrating the heritage of the moonshine from the prohibition is what we’re doing," said Spicer. "We’re just celebrating our heritage."

The small community owes it’s survival in part to moonshine and people that took risks to keep their community alive. The coal miners strike and mine fires left the town in a downward spiral. Moonshine production helped to rebuild what was lost. Spicer said that those who put on the festival continue that spirit of hard work.

"We start as soon as this festivals over, we start looking for entertainment and a lot of the vendors will go ahead and sign up to come back next year," said Spicer.

The festival wraps up May 25.