Lindsay Jobst

Northpointe-146 Turning Lane Grand Opening

by Lindsay Jobst on May 26, 2015 at 6:57 am

The highly anticipated new right turning lane from State Route 146 to Northpointe Drive is set to open Monday.

Zanesville Mayor, Jeff Tilton, said that complaints from community residents was a deciding factor in establishing this new lane. Drivers going straight on 146 are backing up traffic, causing much longer wait times for drivers turning right onto Northpointe.

"I’ve had people say that they’ve sat through that light two or three times," Tilton said. "I’ve done it myself, I’ve sat there two or three times because of traffic just backed up, maybe the first two people are going straight and everybody else is turning right and they’ve got no way to go until the light turns green. It’s something that I think will improve traffic flow in that area."

Tilton said another roadway project is currently underway in the community as well.

"We’ve had a problem with the paving on Linden Avenue. We’ve talked to Shelly & Sands and they’re coming in and redoing Linden Avenue from the bridge to the railroad tracks at Terry’s, Monday," Tilton said.

A portion of the turning lane will be open Tuesday for testing.