Lindsay Jobst

Seat Belt Selfie Contest

by Lindsay Jobst on May 28, 2015 at 9:47 am

It’s your last chance to participate in the Seat Belt Selfie contest.

In an effort with the "Click-it or Ticket" campaign, the Zanesville-Muskingum County Health Department hopes this contest will enforce seat belt use and remind drivers that seat belt laws are still in effect.

Muskingum County Safe Communities Coalition Project Director, Kristina Bell explained, "law enforcement goes out and when they pull people over for other things they are also paying extra attention to are you wearing your seat belt, reminding people that’s an important thing to do for safety in your car. The Seat Belt Selfie contest is another way for us to promote wearing your seat belts, it allows the community to show their support that they get into their vehicle and they buckle up first before they drive away."

Bell said so far they’ve received a positive response from the community. Local community leaders and members have been involved, including sheriff, Matt Lutz. Lutz was the first one to submit his selfie.

"This was one other way we could reach out to the general community and try to promote those who wear their seat belts to encourage others to wear them and continue wearing their seat belts," Bell said. "It’s very important because you don’t get a second chance if you do not buckle up and you pull out on the rode, even if you feel like you are a good driver, a safe driver, there are things you do not have control over..the others on the road with you."

If you plan on participating in the contest you need to take a picture of yourself while wearing your seat belt from the parking lot or driveway, before wheels are in motion. Email your selfie with your first and last name, along with a caption of your support for always buckling up, to The contest ends June 1.