Volunteers add Color to Y-Bridge

by Bill Hughes on May 19, 2015 at 6:49 am

With the quick dump of some soil and the digging in of flowers, the Y-Bridge has a new look this week.

The Muskingum Valley Garden Society and gardeners from Timber Run Gardens circled the bridge Tuesday to plant flowers in all 17 pots on it. This isn’t the only time the group will be sprinkled around town.

"We decided to do it all before Memorial Day so it was nice for the holidays," said the garden society’s point coordinator, Darlene Turner. "We’ll be back down again and Wednesday at 5 o’clock on Main Street, then we’ll do 5th Street on Thursday at 5 o’clock."

Turner said it’s the fourth year the garden society has planted flowers on the Y-Bridge. She added the feedback from passersby is mainly positive. Turner and the others working Tuesday feel that the flowers add a lot to the downtown area.

"We really feel that Zanesville has a lot to offer the community here," said Turner. "We’ve got a gorgeous river front here that hasn’t been really expended upon, and I think they’re trying to make it look attractive here for people coming into Zanesville. We’re trying to attract more businesses to come into town and when you have a beautiful city here to come in to visit I think it makes a lot of difference."

This year, the city has provided some funding so that the garden society can add some green to the downtown area.