Zanesville Civic League Community Center Holds Annual Dinner

by Katie Donovan on May 24, 2015 at 1:37 am

The Zanesville Civic League Community Center had its annual dinner Saturday evening.

The public event serves as a membership drive each year. It also raises money for the Community Center and recognize people who have been influential towards the Civic League. Executive Director of the center, Howard Bailey explained more.

"We are just now starting this back up, but in the history of the community center, you know, our community center history goes back to 1919. So it was something that was regularly done and then we switched to just doing a membership drive by mail and now we’re getting back to getting back out in the community, inviting people, recognizing them and then doing our membership drive that way."

Bailey said there were three people recognized this evening. Deanna Martin, who was instrumental in the community center and served as secretary and a youth counselor. Terry Martin, who helped to build the Center and Philip Newman who helped raise the money for their current building. Bailey told it is important to publicly acknowledge these people.

"The Community Center–our mission statement is to enrich and enhance youth in the community and these people are the epitome of that. They do that daily without even recognizing it, they do it. So we feel that they need recognized."

The Board of Directors chose the three honorees.