Zanesville Paving Program in Progress

by Kandee Ferrell on May 18, 2015 at 10:44 am

Pot holes, the result of a long hard winter, are now being fixed by this year’s Paving Program in Zanesville.

The city is spending $1,900,000 on road work. Mayor Jeff Tilton said the plan for choosing which streets to repair has changed.

"This year what we’re doing is something new," said Tilton. "We’re bringing a company in to analyze all our streets and see which ones are the worst so that in the future we will have more of a scientific way of picking which streets we pave. "

33 streets will be repaired by Oct. 1 of this year. If the city continues paving at this pace, the entire city will be repaved in just eight years. The city also plans to bring back its crack-seal machine to repair some of the original pavement. Tilton urges drivers to be patient with the city while they continue to work through the Paving Program.

"Just be patient with us, I mean we’re trying to fix the pot holes," said Tilton. "We’ve had a lot of complaints about pot holes. This has been a bad year for pot holes and we’re trying to fix the problem so just be patient and we’re making better roads. "

A popular route to and from the Colony Square Mall,Center Drive, is still closed due to pot holes and paving is scheduled to begin in mid to late June.