Bikerfest 2015 Wraps Up

by Kandee Ferrell on June 14, 2015 at 11:50 am

Over 1,000 people came together this weekend for the 2015 bikerfest.

The tent at the Rushing Wind Biker Church filled with riders from all over to celebrate the biker community and all that they do in the area. Pastor Michael McGuire said the weekend was a great success.

“We have had a tremendous turn out despite the rain and this morning was a great turnout,” said McGuire. “The tent was nearly full and we were able to welcome our clubs and ministries…just had a great time. ”

McGuire hopes the event will help people see past biker stereotypes and into the hearts of the people riding the two wheeled hogs.

“It helps our community to see us in a different aspect,” said McGuire. “Maybe we are portrayed in some other areas. This is a time where we bring the clubs and ministries together and we have this camaraderie. ”

The event began Friday with the recognition of local pastors. Saturday featured a fundraising ride to Bethel Missions, and the weekend wrapped up today with a Sunday morning service.