Lindsay Jobst

Frazeysburg 105th Annual Homecoming

by Lindsay Jobst on June 11, 2015 at 11:48 am

Frazeysburg’s 105th annual Homecoming Festival kicked off tonight.

The festival held in the town’s square, offered fun activities for the whole family. Games, funnel cakes, and a DJ kept the large crowd entertained. The Frazeysburg Fire Department takes pride in holding such a tradition for the community. Frazeysburg fire lieutenant, Chad Buchanan talked to us about the weekend’s festivities.

“We have rides for everybody to come out and enjoy, we have a DJ tonight, we have a band tomorrow night and a band Saturday night, food trailers,” he said. “We also have raffles going on, we have a big drawing every night around 10:30 for multiple different raffle prizes.”

Of course a big topic of conversation at the festival has been the town’s recent shout out on the tonight show. Host Jimmy Fallon poked some fun at the town, but Buchanan said it’s all been fun and nice to get a little of the national spotlight.

“I mean it’s one of those things… every once in a while a small town gets national fame, but it’s kinda nice that we, as a small town gets that national fame,” he said.

All proceeds from the Homecoming Festival benefit organizations in the community. The festival is free and runs through Saturday.