Law Enforcement and General Public Create a Bridge

by Kandee Ferrell on June 20, 2015 at 11:44 am

In light of national dilemmas the Nelson T. Gant Foundation hosted a panel to discuss the role of law enforcement in the local community.

The panel featured retired Captain Michelle Gillard, retired State Trooper Troy Walker and active Sheriff’s Deputy John Howe. The three opened the floor for questions and gave candid answers and opinions on major law enforcement issues.

One that arose was the usefulness of body cameras, and Howe said the Muskingum County Sheriff’s department is working with various types right now to find the best fit for the police force and the public they serve.

“Law enforcement does get a bad rap because sometimes that people do see is the aftermath,” said Howe. “They never get to see what led up to the incident.”

All took place at the Gant House and involved hope that more communication between the police and the general public will alleviate tensions in the local community due to national incidents of apparent misuse of authority.