Wash Out Ends at Vista

by Bill Hughes on June 23, 2015 at 9:32 am

Nine straight days of rain caused much flooding around the area.

Not even golf courses were immune.

The three ponds at Vista Golf Course overcame their banks and became a single, large pond.

Vista’s general manager, Ryan Schmidt, said he stopped counting the rain after six inches fell on the course.

“There’s spots where we just flat out couldn’t mow,” he said it was devastating. “Last week we mowed in the rain. There were days where we had to do it. It wasn’t good for our business or our equipment.”

The rain caused an unprecedented closure of the course. It was closed for six days last week. Now that the water has receded some, golfers are back on the course.

Nevertheless, Schmidt said the flooding caused more problems than not being able to open.

“When you get into these situations with the rain, and being closed and having standing water, it just compounds all your problems with your maintenance, as far as grass, mowing it,” Schmidt said. “Everything breaks twice as much, it takes twice as long and it takes twice as much fuel. And we had zero revenue last week.”

As golfers and employees return to the drying course, Schmidt hoped for more wind and less rain so that the course can fully dry out.