Zane State and Muskingum University create Opportunities

by Kandee Ferrell on June 4, 2015 at 8:59 am

Zane State College and Muskingum University are teaming up to give local college students a path to a Bachelor’s Degree.

The college and university signed a memorandum of agreement June 4 at the Galleria of the Advanced Science and Technology Center on Zane State’s campus. The agreement grants students transferring from Zane State to Muskingum University a $2,500 scholarship. President of Zane State Paul Brown said that the money will make getting a four-year degree a tangible idea for area students.

“30 percent want to continue their education to a university after they graduate from Zane State College and this will be a way that they can do that without ever leaving the community,” said Brown.

To qualify for the scholarship, students must transfer directly from Zane State to Muskingum and enroll in full-time traditional programs. There are also GPA requirements. Vice President of Enrollment at Muskingum University, Jeff Zellers explained more about the scholarship details.

“If the student has attended Zane State for as least a year and has achieved a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or if they’ve earned an Associate’s Degree and have a 2.75…either one of those two criteria qualify them for the scholarship,” said Zellers.

There is an unlimited amount of scholarships available and both Zane State and Muskingum University look forward to future collaboration.