Brain Injury Survivor Pleads for Sober Driving this Holiday

by Kandee Ferrell on July 3, 2015 at 7:13 am

Driving under the influence is against the law, but this weekend if you consider getting into your car after a night of drinking , it’s not the law this woman wants you to think about, it’s the lives lost.

A young Ohio woman and Founder of BrainSong Micah Jones was leaving a music event in July 2004 when an impaired driver claimed the life she was looking forward to.

“A brain injury changes who are you as a person,” said Jones. “So… I had to relearn everything, simple things. I lost all memory of growing up, all of the things I learned in college so it just reroutes everything. So I no longer, well I don’t have plans to work in the music business, I now have a passion for working with fellow brain injury survivors. ”

The impaired driver served 30 days and lost her drivers license for two years. She also required a breathalyzer to start her vehicle for two years. But the Jones family wanted the driver to see that although two years is a long time, it doesn’t compare to a lifetime.

“My family and I also set it up so that she had to her community service, 250 hours, in a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center so she could kind of get a glimpse at what happened to me,” said Jones.

To date this year there have been 31 alcohol related crashed. The ‘Drive Sober or get Pulled Over’ campaign will be in effect until Sunday and law enforcement will enact extra patrols to insure safety this Fourth of July.