CASS MIND Autism Learning Center Puts on Performance

CASS MIND Autism Learning Center Puts on Performance

by Kandee Ferrell on July 23, 2015

The CASS MIND Autism Learning Center took over the Tree House July 23, to spotlight those living with autism by showing off their musical talents.

The Arts and Autism Initiative is based in Columbus and CEO of the CASS MIND Autism Learning Center Cassandra McDonald brought the initiative to the local community.

“Every embellishment helps a community to grow and that’s what we’re all about,” said McDonald. “We love Zanesville. We live here and we want to see it grow and grow and we want embrace the citizens that we have here. That’s part of our growth. Our youth is so important to have them feel valued and to give them a voice. ”

McDonald said when youth are diagnosed with Autism, there are options for those children so they can still pursue the arts.

“It gives an awareness to those that are coming into a community the availability and how we have advanced as a community because we’re aware and we can facilitate,” said McDonald.

The performance took place at the Treehouse in downtown Zanesville. McDonald said the artistic atmosphere matched that of the performers.