Lindsay Jobst

Muskingum Family ‘Y’ Celebrates Successful Season

by Lindsay Jobst on July 27, 2015 at 6:57 am

With the end of the swimming season right around the corner, area kids are trying to make the most of their summer vacation.

The Muskingum Family YMCA is always a popular destination on those hot summer days, as kids flock to the pool to cool off with a summer swim. YMCA Aquatics Director, Sam Gianettino, said after undergoing some much needed renovations, the ‘Y’ has seen yet another successful season.

“I believe it’s been a big success this year, we still have camp going on, we have about three weeks left, finishing strong, we’ve put up some of our supporters on the back fence who’s helped out, as well as on the weekends we still do rentals with all the buildings, family reunions, we’ve had businesses, Avon and Auto Zone both came out and did family days, I think it’s been a huge success,” Gianettino said.

The wet weather impacted business just slighty this year. Gianettino said if the heat continues, attendance is expected to rise.

“We’ve had probably on average, Monday through Friday at least around 80 to 100 kids that would enter the pool, we’ve had tons of people come in for day passes, our memberships are probably higher through the summer now than they have ever been, and hopefully we just continue to grow with that,” Gianettino said.

The ‘Y’ is open until August 16th, and day passes are just $5.