Lindsay Jobst

Ceremony for New Assistant Fire Chief

by Lindsay Jobst on August 7, 2015 at 5:33 am

Zanesville city leaders appointed a familiar face to serve as new Assistant Fire Chief.

Former Lieutenant Doug Hobson has been named new Assistant Chief of the Zanesville Fire Department. In an emotional ceremony at city hall Friday, family, friends and co-workers gathered for the changing of the guard.

“I had my whole family here, my mom passed away May 24, she’s one person that’s kind of tough not being here today, but I know that she’s with me though, my grandfather started a fire department, and in my breast pocket I actually carry my mom’s picture, her obituary, and my grandfather’s badge, just as a remembrance of where I started and where I came from,” Hobson said.

The 14-year veteran currently serves as Region 8 Hazmat Coordinator, overseeing ten counties in Ohio. Over the span of his career, Hobson has worked as instructor, investigator, and inspector for the department. He said he is looking forward to this new chapter.

“I’ll be overseeing inspections, I’m Chief Investigator for the department, overseeing some training…and the way the department is going is what I want to continue, right now there’s a positive vibe going on in the fire department and as we aspire to come as new chiefs that’s what i’m looking for is to keep the fire department going in the right direction, and also doing what we’ve been doing as keeping the community safe,” Hobson said.

Hobson replaced former Assistant Chief Robert Long, who recently retired.