Drug Abuse Forum

by Bill Hughes on August 12, 2015 at 6:38 am

Dozens of community members who see drug addiction on a regular basis met in the OUZ campus center Wednesday.

The meeting was part of a year long effort by the Ohio Attorney General’s office to assist counties in ending drug dependency. Debbie Greiner attended the meeting Wednesday. She said talking about the issue is the only way to help.

“We need to get awareness out into the schools, we need to get groups for these adolescents,” Greiner said. “Personally I know someone who’s going through issues, but there’s no where to reach out. Locally for the parents, for the individual, so I’m excited about this program. I’m hoping that we can have programs that will help the adolescents.”

Greiner said the forum is a good way to reach out to drug users before they become addicts. It’s one of the main reasons representatives from the Attorney General’s office travel around the state to help individual counties.

“I’ve gotten very close to families who either have been through recovery or their kid’s addicted still or have lost a child, and it’s very hard to hear that and not try harder,” said the director of drug abuse outreach initiatives, Jennifer Biddinger. “Because this is about saving lives.”