Emily McGuire

“Tools for Schools” Distributes Backpacks

by Emily McGuire on August 6, 2015 at 7:04 am

Hundreds of kids lined up this morning to pick up their stuffed backpacks from the “tools for schools” program.

Volunteers arrived bright and early and the pick-up took place from 8:30-11 a.m. at the Zanesville Middle School.Those who arrived early for pick up even lended a hand for the cause, co-chair of the program, Betsy Thomas explains:

“We started at 8:30 but we got here at 7:30 and there were already cars in line waiting and we had extra supplies left over in the school and needed to load them into Eastside’s truck. So we came out to the people that were waiting in the cars and asked them and they said ‘sure, we’d be glad to’ and they all got out of their cars and went in and started carrying boxes out. We loaded the truck and it’s done. Yeah, we’re so thankful for them for doing that.”

With it taking over 1000 backpacks and more than 1000 pencils, Betsy Thomas needed a sizable team this morning to help with distribution. She says she’s forever grateful for all the help, especially the youth at Eastside Community Ministries.

“It’s great, it’s so great. The kids are great. These kids make my day, they really do. They’re happy, they have smiles on their faces and they’re running these out to the cars. They’re super.”

As for the next step? Betsy Thomas jokes that they’ll all collapse but in reality, a wrap up meeting will take place to focus on what they can do better for next year. For those registered who missed the pick-up today, you can pick up your backpacks at Eastide Community Ministries at your convenience.