Emily McGuire

Zanesville Fire Department Assistant Chief Retires after 32 Years

by Emily McGuire on August 6, 2015 at 8:46 am

After 32 years of service Zanesville’s assistant fire chief  Robert Long is retiring.

Motivated by a tough economy and his father who worked at the station before him, Long found his true calling as a fireman. He says firefighting has changed a lot since his first day on the job, from the gear the men wear to the way they put out fires but through the changes Long says he’s made lifelong friends. And that is what he says he will miss the most.

“The action, the guys here. There’s a good bunch of guys here. The things we get to go out and do, you know they’re terrible for people but we kind of enjoy having that opportunity.”

With all of the service the fire department does for the community Long feels as if he has the most rewarding job and there are a lot of benefits to being a firefighter.

“You get the chance to help people on their worst day, you get to go out and try to change the outcome of a bad situation for them. All the guys here, we’re all good friends really and we spend a lot of time together. And working every third day the way we do, that’s kind of neat, you can plan things well in advance and its a really good job, a really great job.”

In his retirement, Long says he’ll enjoy some travel time.