Fitness Trail At Genesis Re-Opens

by Katie Donovan on September 15, 2015 at 6:45 am

Good news at Genesis Hospital came just in time with the beautiful weather Tuesday.

The rubberized fitness trail is open once again to the public and employees of Genesis Hospital. This comes after a temporary closing of the trail due to construction of the new medical facility. Employee at Genesis, Jessica James expresses her happiness regarding the trails opening.

“It’s a wonderful feature to have in our community on days like this when it’s beautiful.” Said James, “It gives an opportunity for those of us who work at the hospital to get out and utilize–get some exercise, utilize the trail, lunch breaks, in-between shifts, things like that.”

James said it is nice for the community to have access to things like this as well. Physician at Genesis, Trevar Chapmon said the trail helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

“If we’re not promoting getting out and exercising and trying to live a healthy lifestyle, it’s kind of hard to expect our patients to do the same.” Explained Chapmon.

The trail is located behind the right side of Genesis Hospital. The space also features grassy areas, shade and picnic benches for lunch.