Lindsay Jobst

Legal Aid Benefits

by Lindsay Jobst on September 28, 2015 at 4:55 am

If you’re in need of a lawyer and cannot afford one, legal aid is another option.

Legal aid agencies provide legal help to those with low incomes and limited savings and other assets. President of the Ohio State Legal Services Association, Tom Bonasera, addressed prominent community leaders Monday, to discuss the importance of legal aid in our community.

"Access to justice is important to all of us, our system is geared to be accessible to everybody and when it’s not accessible to everybody, then we all suffer, the legal system is meant for access to everyone," Bonasera said.

With legal aid comes numerous benefits. In his 40 year career, Bonesara said attorneys have helped prevent elder abuse, homelessness, and domestic violence in our community. Veterans can also benefit from legal aid.

"It improves the lives of your community, which improves the lives for all of us in our communities, there’s a crisis in Ohio, and not just in Ohio, but around the country in access to justice by the poor, and the working poor, and we provide that, and the essence is it is increasing the quality of life for everybody, not just those that we serve," Bonasera said.

To learn more about legal aid in our community, you can visit the Southeastern Ohio Legal Services website, at