Lindsay Jobst

Muskingum Alumnus Addresses New Students

by Lindsay Jobst on September 1, 2015 at 6:38 am

Muskingum University kicked off the academic year with its annual opening convocation Tuesday.

The university welcomed 425 new students this year who lined campus grounds for an opening procession, followed by the ceremony. The assembly featured distinguished alumnus, Jim Purdy, who delivered the keynote speech. Purdy is an attorney in New York City, who specializes in trust and estate matters.

“I wanted to remind the kids that failure’s ok at this point in their lives because they should be testing themselves, and also encourage them to take a wide array of courses like I did when I was here, take advantage of the liberal arts education because it’s a great thing, and it really is a nice foundation for later in life,” Purdy said.

The new school year brings with it some change. Muskingum plans to open its new library in January, that president Anne Steele said is a stunning building. Steele also addressed the crowd, welcoming the class of 2019 to Muskingum’s “community of learners.”

“I would say that they are about to enter a very exciting four years, they will be extremely well-prepared, they will take their place in the long magenta line, which has proven over a 178 years that our alums change their communities, the nation, and the world,” Steele said.

During Tuesday’s ceremony the university also recognized three influential faculty members for their teaching, service and scholarship.