Lindsay Jobst

Rural Education Reform

by Lindsay Jobst on September 22, 2015 at 7:04 am

More than 40 percent of all American schools are in rural areas, and unfortunately, may not have the same resources as their urban counterparts.

Distinguished Professor of Education at Muskingum University, Barbara Hansen, was invited to speak at the Zanesville Noon Rotary Club’s weekly meeting Tuesday, to talk about her efforts to bring rural education leaders together to re-shape rural economies, and improve the over-all quality of life.

“It’s a field and an area of education that’s finally beginning to take on a voice, right now and in past years we have seen so much about educational efforts and reforms and huge influxes of money into urban settings, and we’re beginning to see that is changing,” Hansen said.

Retention of qualified teachers, updated technology, and lack of student achievement are all problems facing schools in rural areas. Hansen is the director of the 2015 Rural Education National Forum in Columbus, where rural education leaders from all across the country will address these issues.

“The goal really is to create this regional mind-set to inspire a mind-set of commitment to student success, to inspire that,” Hansen said.

The 2015 National Rural Education Conference is scheduled for next month.