Shawnee Celebrates Community, Homecoming

by Kandee Ferrell on September 5, 2015 at 11:53 am

The historic village of Shawnee celebrated an 18 year long tradition Sept. 5.

The Homecoming and now Community Day began with a bike parade of local kids pedaling up the street while community members cheered them up the hill. The day also featured live musical entertainment and homemade food for sale. Although the day originated as a way to welcome those who have moved on back home… President of the Shawnee Improvement and Homecoming Committee Rob Dishon said this year’s name change serves a big purpose.

“This is what we do this for,” said Dishon. “We’ve changed the name. Historically it’s always been Shawnee Homecoming. This year we are calling it Community Day and Homecoming to make the people who are still here feel like they’re also welcome to do this.”

While Shawnee has dwindled from the 4,000 people that originally inhabited the town, the over 600 that remain are working together to preserve the historic village and Dishon said that the community day is a way to stay strong and rebuild.

“It’ll help with everything, with our economic development,”said Dishon. “If we can get everybody together and sort of on the same page then we’re a united force that can move forward. ”

All money raised during the Community Day will go toward the restoration of the two village halls that the Improvement Committee has fought to keep in Shawnee.