Lindsay Jobst

Artists From Southeastern Ohio Unite for Special Event

by Lindsay Jobst on October 7, 2015 at 9:31 am

The Artist Colony of Zanesville is inviting the public to recognize the creativity of Southeastern Ohio’s most talented artists this Saturday.

The Seilers’ Studio will host the “Foot by Foot A-Z” event. It’s a competitive art show uniting more than 100 artists from Athens County, all the way to Zanesville. The community is urged to join artists from across the region to promote “The Winding Road,” a new branding effort to inspire art and tourism in Athens, Muskingum, Morgan, and Perry counties.

“We have people who want art to occur, want this community to be thrusting itself in the future, through artistic work,” said President of the Artist Colony of Zanesville, David Mitzel.

The gallery will be open from 8 a.m to 11 a.m. Saturday for artists to submit their pieces, and doors open to the public at noon for a silent auction of the works. Attendees will be able to purchase pieces for $100, and the artists will designate art groups of their choosing to receive 50 percent on the price, and the other 50 percent goes to “The Winding Road.”

“Some of these artists you couldn’t buy a piece for $1,000, so it’s going to be quite exciting to see the type of activity that occurs,” Mitzel said.

Again, the event is this Saturday, from noon until 6, at Seilers’ Studio on 7th Street in downtown Zanesville. Admission is free.