Lindsay Jobst

Fall Back and Check Smoke Detectors

by Lindsay Jobst on October 28, 2015 at 8:10 am

Smoke detectors provide critical early warning when a fire occurs and can potentially save thousands of lives.

As you remember to turn your clocks back this weekend, the Zanesville Fire Department is sending a reminder to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2009 to 2013, fires in homes without smoke alarms caused an average of 940 deaths per year. Lieutenant, Jim Prang, said it’s important to install new batteries at least twice a year.

“While you’re going around and changing all the clocks, and the inconvenience of that, take a few extra minutes and change the 9 volt battery in the back of most of these smoke detectors, that’s what they take, and test them once a month,” Prang said.

Prang said if you have a detector that is more than 10-years-old, it should be replaced with a new one. The department recommends having a smoke detector installed on every level of your home, especially outside of a sleeping area.

“Smoke detectors are one of the most inexpensive life-safety devices out there, for about average of $15, you can put this device in your home,” Prang said. “Statistics would say that some of the worst fatalities and injuries have occurred when there have been missing smoke detectors or inoperable smoke detectors.”

If you do not have a detector in your home, the Zanesville Fire Department provides free smoke detectors to Muskingum County Residents, as part of the ABC Wilson Fund. If interested, you can stop by the Zanesville City Fire Station to pick one up.