Southeastern Med Receives Donation, Recognition for Accomplishments

by Kandee Ferrell on October 22, 2015 at 9:29 am

Southeastern Med in Cambridge recently received a 1 million dollar donation that will aid in the many advancements that the hospital looks forward to.

The donation came from a resident of Columbus that grew up in Cambridge. Art Shepherd simply wanted to give back to the hospital in his hometown. Chief of Surgery Michael Sarap said the hospital hasn’t strictly allocated the money yet but they have hopes that it will help in the growth of the hospital.

“Somebody like that doesn’t write a check for a million dollars until he looks into where he’s going with it,” said Sarap. “He doesn’t want to write a check for something that’s not doing well so we’re very proud of that. We’re looking to expand the size and the services available. It’s very difficult to go out of town to get chemotherapy; to be sick and drive an hour or an hour and a half and it’s even worse if you have to have 30 radiation treatments, 6 weeks every single day. ”

That’s why the hospital wants to provide a more complete center for cancer care in the are and dollars aren’t the only exciting things being presented to Southeastern Med. They’ve received a multitude of awards including an ‘Excellence in Mission’ award from the American Cancer Society for the third year and a row, a ‘Commission of Cancer Approval’ for 25 years running, and an award from the American Hospital Association for their community service to those patients who can’t afford colon screenings.

“Most of the awards that we’ve gotten for our colon program is the fact that the fact that we’ve done over 500 completely free over a period of about 10 years,” said Sarap. “That’s more than about $300,000 dollars in free care. If they cannot afford a colonoscopy, we provide it for free. It sounds crazy but it’s the right thing to do. ”

The hospital is in a time of extensive growth and Sarap was also recently promoted to the ‘Liaison to the National Commission of Cancer’ for the entire state of Ohio. He said he looks forward to ensuring that no matter what hospital a cancer patient goes to for treatment they will receive the quality care they deserve.