Bucci-Dietz Artist’s Award to be Presented

by Kandee Ferrell on November 5, 2015 at 5:30 am

One area artist will receive an award in the name of Ronna Bucci and Dr. Charles Dietz.

The namesakes of the award, Bucci and Dietz, were both artists in the local area. Ronna, an artist and writer, and Dietz, the Curator of the Zanesville Museum of Art for many years. Ronna’s mother, Mary Ann Bucci said with this award, they can continue to contribute to an art community they loved so much.

“Our daughter was a member of ZAAP when she passed away and ZAAP just encompassed her,” said Bucci. “They’ve been very close ever since and the whole art community is just loving people.”

While the award is given to a student in the spring, in the fall a working artist is honored with the $500. Six applied and the winner of the award will not be announced until the very moment it is given tomorrow at 7 p.m. at Yan Sun’s Art Gallery in downtown Zanesville.

The award ceremony also features an exhibition where Ronna Bucci and Dr. Dietz’s work will be featured together, as well as former award winners’ work. The public is invited to celebrate the art and congratulate the winner.

“That’s going to be most exciting if we get more people because that’s all artists really want,” said Bucci. “We want to show our work. We want people to see it and appreciate it. ”

The exhibition will also feature a piece of writing by Bucci as well as an ode that Dietz wrote to Bucci after her passing.