Issue 3 Defeated in Ohio, Carrel Reacts

by Kandee Ferrell on November 4, 2015 at 8:13 am

When election results trickled down last night it became clear rather quickly: Ohio does not support ResponsibleOhio’s campaign to legalize marijuana this in 2015.

The legalization campaign would have allowed both medical and recreational use, as well as ten predetermined growing locations in the state. Muskingum Behavioral Health celebrated what they call success in at least delaying the legalization of the drug in the buckeye state.

CEO Steve Carrel said ResponsibleOhio didn’t fool Ohioans and many voters did some major thinking before checking ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.

“I was pleased with the margin of defeat,” said Carrel. “I think ohioans really studied the issue and they saw that constitutional amendment was fraught with problems. [The] first obvious one was the monopoly.”

While it won’t be this year, there’s word that the fight to legalize marijuana here in Ohio is not over. ResponsibleOhio is already opening up about beginning a new plan immediately.

Carrel said while he’s ready to fight in round two against the recreational use, he supports the 12 hospitals nationwide that are doing research for medicinal uses.

“They’re taking extracts, chemical extracts from the plant and seeing what chemicals might be medicinal for whatever they’re studying,” said Carrel. “Children’s Hospital, in my understanding, are looking at seizures in children and if it does appear that it does have an impact then my position has always been, let’s extract it. Let’s package it. Let’s sell it by prescription and let’s get it out there to help whoever. ”

Issue 3 was defeated by a nearly 2 to 1 margin. 64% voted ‘No’ while only 36% voted ‘Yes.’