Brittany Clark

Jaycees Annual C-Day Fundraiser

by Brittany Clark on November 21, 2015 at 5:56 am

Thanksgiving is only a few days away and today members of our local community took the opportunity to give back.

Each year, the Zanesville Jaycees’s host their annual C-Day event, which was originally known as Canister Day. The organization collects items such as furniture, clothes, canned goods and toys for the kids. We spoke to Zanesville Jaycees, board member David Mortimer and he told us, this is a key time of the year to donate.

“It’s a very good time of the year to donate, obviously our Salvation Army is in need of these type of items and what we are providing is a service to the people in the community that don’t have time or is unable to take these items to the Salvation Army on their own. We can come to the house and pick it up and take it for you,” said Mortimer.

Mortimer told us the Jaycees do a lot of events and fundraisers through the year and it feels great to help the community.

“Personally, it feels great. I like to help the community. I have been apart of Jaycees now for 15 years. Among this event, I feel this is one of the better events that we do,” said Mortimer.

The Jaycees will remain active givers this season. On Thanksgiving morning they are delivering meals at Christ Table. They are also taking kids shopping for Christmas, so that they can give presents to their families.