Brittany Clark

Salvation Army Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

by Brittany Clark on November 25, 2015 at 8:20 am

One local organization celebrated Thanksgiving a day early with the entire community.

The Salvation Army in Zanesville hosted their annual Thanksgiving dinner. This was a way they give back to the community for all that the community does for their organization. Program director, Dustin Redmond told us it takes months of preparation to put this event together but, today the energy is electrifying.

“Tomorrow is Thanksgiving but, you feel like it’s today. The reason is because you meet new people but, it’s one big family that comes together to have Thanksgiving dinner. We open it up for people that don’t have a family to go to for Thanksgiving and we invite all people to come be apart of the Salvation Army family,” said Redmond.

They had every item you could think of to have the perfect Thanksgiving dinner from turkey, corn, green-beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and a variety of delicious pies. Redmond told us the appreciation for this meal is mutual.

“This community is very appreciative of what is given to them. As the Salvation Army is very appreciative of what is given to us; in return the community is very appreciative of what is given. It’s an amazing reaction that you get from the ones who come in here and eat are also the ones that will come back tomorrow and say, hey do you need help with anything,” said Redmond.

The Salvation Army would also like to thank the community and those who donated the food to make this Thanksgiving meal possible.