West Muskingum Middle School Principal not Asked to Resign

by Kandee Ferrell on November 20, 2015 at 11:43 am

A letter released by the West Muskingum School Board said that Principal of West Muskingum Middle School Mr. Stickel will not be asked to resign.

The announcement follows a school board meeting Monday where parents and students rallied to support Mr. Stickel after hearing rumors through email that he’d been asked to resign due ‘personality conflicts’.

At the meeting teachers read a letter written in Stickel’s support and parents voiced their support as well. Parents also launced a petition on Change.org to keep Stickel. The petition gathered 349 signatures to date.

The school board said in the letter they ‘wish to clarify to the school community that the principal has not been asked to resign from his position, and he will continue to perform his duties as assigned by his employment contract.’