Carmel Victor

Break-ins an Issue For Muskingum County in 2015

by Carmel Victor on December 30, 2015 at 8:59 am

Sheriff Lutz also talks to us about this past year when it comes to crime. He says break-ins were an issue.

The sheriff said there are things you can do to avoid becoming a victim of a break-in.

“We’ve had some break-ins that we’ve been dealing with. All and all it’s probably the same thing we’ve had over the last few years.The big thing during new year’s that we try to stress is just to be very very careful. Some of the things that we’re seeing right now when it comes down to the crime part of it. Is a lot of the stuff that is getting broke into is just unlocked. It’s very to simple to lock your stuff up. In today’s times if something is unlocked some body is probably going to go through it if they are going to neighborhoods looking for those things,” said Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz said these criminals are looking for a quick hit.

“We just try to stress about trying to keep your things locked. Don’t leave valuables in your car that will entice somebody that’s looking for that quick hit. With your house you can do a lot of lighting. Make you have either motion detectors outside with the lighting or just have your house lit up too. To where it does inconvenience a criminal that’s going to come around there to look to get in the house. Keep your houses locked and hopefully that will deter a lot of people,” said Lutz.

Sheriff Lutz encourages everyone to a be proactive.