Carmel Victor

Larry Triplett is This Year’s Dick Johnson Award Recipient

by Carmel Victor on December 22, 2015 at 7:28 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- The Dick Johnson Award recipient has been named.

This award is presented to Muskingum County residents, who have achievements in business, leadership, and philanthropy. And this year’s recipient is Larry Triplett.

“Receiving the the award obviously is a big honor,” said Triplett. “And I won’t do anything different based on having received this award. The award is really a great impetus or catalyst for other in the community to see. That we as Muskingum County place out of value on philanthropy and civic-minded activity. And doing things for other people. And getting out beyond yourself.”

Triplett said this award propels people to continue to think selflessly.

“Dick Johnson was a great example for our community. And he did some tremendous things and he was always looking out for other people. And to be even just mentioned in the same sentence as Dick Johnson is certainly an honor,” said Triplett.

Triplett will be presented this award on Friday, January 29th during the Groundhog Day celebration of the 31st anniversary of the Muskingum County Community Foundation.