Carmel Victor

Ohio Means Jobs Funding Assistance Program

by Carmel Victor on December 2, 2015 at 4:59 am

ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Ohio Means Jobs may be able to pay your way through college.

Ohio Means Jobs has a program is designed for jobs that are in demand in the local labor market. Supervisor Julie Metzger said this program is available to students in beginning their education as well as students close to completing their degrees.

“We just want to get the word out there that we do have money available,” Julie Metzger said. “So once you fill out your FAFSA, if that does not cover all of your tuition please give us a call.”

This program is geared toward jobs that need a college degree and require training as well to qualify for the job. This is a limited training program. Ohio Means Jobs will have orientation on Monday. Metzger said at Monday’s orientation people will find out what is expected of them. Metzger also said the money is allocated per semester.

“And we kind of focus on short term training to help people get through the process and get employed,” Metzger said. “We also can help with two year degrees as well.”

For more information contact Ohio Means Jobs Muskingum County office at (740) 454-6211.