Brittany Clark

Warm Weather Brings Local Golfers out for a Round

by Brittany Clark on December 22, 2015 at 7:58 am

Although many are dreaming of a white Christmas, that is not the reality for us this year.

Highs are projected to be in the upper 60’s this December while we experience spring-like temperatures instead of the typical cold winter. Today marks the first official day of winter and the surprisingly warm weather has some Muskingum county residents enjoying their sunny day at Eagle Sticks Golf Course.

“Well we got off of work a little early and while everybody else is doing Christmas shopping, we thought we come out here and play 9 holes,” said Jason Taylor.

“It’s amazing. 60 something degrees, the sun-shining, beautiful weather. Two days ago we teed off here and it was 18 degrees. It’s wonderful to be out here golfing as long as there’s not snow on the ground,” said Alan Cottrill.

“I was talking to some other people here and just kind of asking them how they are enjoying spring break, just joking around. But, it’s a beautiful day and I am just glad to be out here,” said Taylor.

Although some may be enjoying the warm weather there are still some that aren’t too pleased there isn’t any snow flurries in the forecast.

“My kids are disappointed by it but, I’m just fine with it.”

“I like it but, I know some of my children are crying because they wanted a white Christmas.”

However, with all the rain in the forecast just imagine if we were 30 degrees colder, their children would have several feet of snow to play in.